About Us

My son loved bath time, so it was often a struggle to get him out, position the towel and avoid getting soaked in the process. Add to that the trouble once he worked out that arching his back, locking his knees and going floppy made everything more difficult!

Once he learned to talk he used to say “your hands are too cold” or “Mummy, do your sleeves,” which meant covering my hands with my sleeves before lifting him out. That’s when I came up with the idea of this bath towel.

Our towel’s unique gloved design means that you can lift your child out of the bath safely & securely with warm, ‘gloved’ hands. Plus it’s super soft and big enough to snuggly wrap up your child like a little bundle, with minimal fuss whilst keeping you dry.

I hope that you love using this towel as much as I have for my second son and that it makes life easier for you… because bath time shouldn’t end in tears!


About Us My Little Bundle

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